Top 5 Places Where You Can Distribute Your Music to Boost Its Popularity

An artist’s work is recognized only when it gets the right exposure and people praise the efforts. Whether it’s a painter, dancer, singer or a music composer, everyone’s success depends upon the amount of appreciation the piece of art receives.

Some very promising talents in these fields go unseen just because of lack of visibility. Well, for people who are passionate about music and are looking for good exposure without spending too much, then here are some top music distribution sites where they can upload their creation and reach wide number of audience.

Here are top 5 sites used by millions of people, and you can showcase your work easily on these platforms.

  1. YouTube: It undoubtedly deserves the first mention because of its popularity amongst people. Of course, it does not focus only on music predominantly, but almost everything today has a YouTube presence. Just sign up for the YouTube account and upload your music for free. If you are worried about how to make people aware of your composition then there is a solution for this as well.

Number of views in YouTube is a measure to its popularity. If you start spreading the word about your creation by yourself then it might take very long time to reach the desired number of audiences. An easy way out to get instant results is by buying views. There are many online vendors who can help you to buy views on YouTube. To know about such sites you can log on to

  1. This is one of the most popular and biggest platforms that bring together music creators from across the world. Uploading and sharing music is very easy in There is also the option of embedding music on to your website. The only problem is that there is a restriction of uploads only up to 2 hours of music; beyond that if you want to upload then you need to upgrade your account with It is turning out to be the biggest music creators’ community.
  2. People, who are not thinking of making money out of their music composition and considering music just as a hobby, can share their music with others in this community. Here, music sharing is absolutely free. has slowly picked up in the recent years. Many music lovers use for their music requirement.
  3. This is a pioneer online music sharing platform. Users can upload unlimited tracks without any charges. As long as the tracks are of 128Kbps or less, there is no problem. For uploading bigger files you will have to take VIP membership that comes for a very minimal cost. People can even market and sell their music here.
  4. If you want to make your music a source of revenue for yourself then can be very useful and beneficial. This is possible by using PayPal as users of can sell their music with the help of PayPal, and distribute the tracks. You don’t have to know any kind of scripting or tech knowhow for this; simply use cart system in your website and just paste the code given by them – it’s as simple as that!

These sites are definitely going to give a new positive direction to your passion for music.


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