Hollywood’s Mysterious Marriage: Harvey Weinstein & Georgina Chapman

American film producer, Harvey Weinstein is a well-known celebrity and a successful filmmaker of all time.

He would never cast himself in the romantic lead, but ten years ago from today’s date, Mr. Harvey did something very special. Yes, we are talking about Harvey and his secret love affair with the very beautiful British fashion designer, Georgina Chapman.

As usual it was Harvey the man who proposed Georgina and rest everything was history. Just after a month of the proposal, the news became popular and everyone wanted to see the wedding soon. But now it seems like this relationship is just a fling after all.

This Thursday in a statement, Weinstein informed that he is working hard to maintain his reputation for the past ten years and any sort of false information about him is going to cause a lot of pain.

The attorney for the co-founder of The Weinstein Company informed that they are going to sue a case against The New York Times for harassing his client. At the same time the case will be issued at women’s organizations for publishing false and defamatory statements.

On the other hand, the so called famed producer has around eight sexually harassment case against his name. In fact, Ashley Judd is one of the women who has charged him for sexually harassing her. She used to date Harvey 20 years ago.

In his statement on Thursday, Harvey said that he is trying to be a better person and doing his level best to interact with people in a polite way. He also said that he is sorry for his rude behavior in the past and he sincerely apologizes for his deeds.

He also said that he will be taking a break from his daily routine and will work on himself.

Lisa Bloom, attorney and women’s rights advocate, has put Harvey Weinstein with a group of people in order to improve his behavior.