The Yeti boots again back in the fashion

Yeti Shoes were quite popular in fashion during the seventies and it looks like they are once again becoming quite trendy. These silver allure from the thick, fur-coated moon boots were very popular when they came into the picture, but soon faded away like as fad.

Now they have come back to fashion yet again with some new glimmer and glitter. Recently in a fashion show, models have been seen flaunting these sexy boots in style.

The credit for bringing this lost fashion trend back can be attributed to Saint Laurent Spring 2018. The yeti boots have several aspects that make them so likable for the people who have a taste for this kind of fashion.

When this high thigh and shin-skimming incarnations came down the runway, everyone was in awe seeing them back again. But this time instead of fur and platforms, they featured in wispy feathers and sky-high heel.

The shoes came in bold black, blue and abominable snowman white. The person who is the main protagonist behind this comeback is Anthony Vaccarello. He took the helm of Saint Laurent three seasons ago and since then he has a history of making outré footwear. For fall 2017, he created physics-defying pumps and for spring 2017, he came up with the idea of viral YSL logo heels. Now, he made a spectacular entry of models in these Yeti boots.

All credit must go to the Saint Laurent who brought back yeti boots and sent models down the runway wearing shin and thigh-high versions for the spring 2018 show.

It’s difficult to think that a boot that’s came straight from Star Wars could be so desirable, but the Saint Laurent’s versions are really awesome. They have thigh-high variations and each pair is surprisingly immaculate and beautiful in a 70’s Paris showgirl kind of way.

The boots come in many colors and every single one of them is equally different and elegant.

If these boots make a global impact then beautiful girls would be soon seen strutting around with these sexy yeti boots.