Michael Barrett and Anna Faris’ Romance Hurts Chris Pratt

Anna Faris has shocked her fans around the world. Recently, she confirmed that she is leaving ex Chris Pratt and moving on with her new boyfriend – cinematographer Michael Barrett. It seems that Chris Pratt got hurt by her move. They have a kid as well. It’s not clear how they are going to handle and settle things down.

Anna Faris, 40 sure didn’t take any time to move away from her husband of eight years – Chris Pratt, 38. The Mom star is now dating Overboard cinematographer Michael Barrett, 47, who worked with her last winter.

Now the Guardians of the Galaxy superstar, Chris Pratt is wondering if their romance started developing before they even announced their separation on Aug. 6.

“Chris is having a tough time trying to figure out the timing of Anna’s new relationship with Mike. It also gave a shock to the fans; they loved this cutest Hollywood couple so much. Chris knows Anna met him a while ago, but when they may have started hooking up, Chris doesn’t want to think about. It’s excruciating for him,” a source close to Chris told the media.

The last few months have been tough times in Chris’s life. Doesn’t he know what happened between them and why things fell apart? But they did. He is still very heartbroken. He wanted to be with Anna forever, and now that is not happening,” a source adds.

Anna moved on fast as TMZ reported on Oct. 18 that just a month after her separation from Chris, she was seen canoodling with Michael at Malibu’s famous Neptune’s Net roadside diner in September.

Anna and Michael had been seen on several dates at the same Pacific Palisades restaurant over the last couple of days. The couple was incredibly close with each other. They were highly incognito and kept a pretty low profile. Still, things are very uncertain and messy at this point. Nobody knows how Chris is going to handle the situation. But as we know, time flies sooner or later.