Oliver Stone has been accused of Groping a TV Actress

After the numerous sexual harassment cases against producer Harvey Weinstein, a number of women are bringing to light their stories of misconduct and harassment by high profile men of Hollywood.

Carrie Stevens, a model and actress who has starred in shows like Days of Our Lives, 90210 and Beverly Hills, responded on Thursday, to a story covered by Hollywood Reporter about Oliver Stone. She said that when she heard about the cases of Harvey, she suddenly recalled the time Oliver had walked past her and groped her on his way out of a party.

A press conference was held on Friday at Busan International Film Festival in South Korea. Oliver Stone is serving as a part of the competition’s jury at this festival. During the conference, Oliver declined to criticize Weinstein and said that he should not be condemned by a vigilante system. He also added that what Harvey is going through is not easy.

However later, Oliver went back on his words and said that he was unaware about the allegations that were made against Weinstein as he had a hectic travelling schedule.

Stone said that after he looked at the several publications reported by women in the last couple of days, he is appalled. He also encouraged the women to step forward and report any form of rape and sexual abuse. He also stated that he is going to abandon a TV series named Guantanamo which was co-produced by Weinstein.

Carrie Stevens who made this allegation against Oliver Stone has been seen in shows like Black Scorpio in addition to Days of our Lives and Beverly Hills. She has also made guest appearances in Two and a Half Men as well as Jake in Progress. She has also done small roles in movies like Rock Star, City of Dreams and Vegas.

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