4 Mistakes You Should Avoid While Promoting Music on SoundCloud

With the ever-growing use of technology, every leading musician is using SoundCloud. This is a great platform to foster a community, for seeking feedback on the tracks, and for interacting with others who are into the same field.

Every Musician Should Try SoundCloud

SoundCloud is essentially free and straightforward to use; basically, it should not be missed by any musician who is expecting to gain some fame. It primarily serves as a tool for marketing.

Make sure that all account details are set correctly while setting up an account. The content should be designed beautifully because whenever people go to any SoundCloud profile for listening to music, they either listen to the sound track with most views or drop comments on the ones on top of the feed.

Be a Part of the Community and Interact with Everyone

Another essential element apart from music is community interaction and this must not be ignored. Active participation will foster a boding in community and allow you to develop true fans and establish new relationships. But, there are a few basic rules of conduct, and the most common mistakes, which are committed on SoundCloud by the musicians and their solutions, are explained below.

  • URL Not Consistent with Other Platforms: Extension of the profile on SoundCloud should be similar to the ones that have been on the other platforms of social media. If your Twitter handle is @JeffreyPeterson, and SoundCloud profile is Jeff P then nobody would be able to relate the two.
  • Missing Basic Bio and Contact Information: One of the common mistakes committed by bands is that they do not provide point-to-point biography on their profile and also forget to fill in the contact information. The e-mail address must always be placed on top followed by a short bio and other matters of the content should be placed ideally. The bio should be of 50-250 words, including the main achievements.
  • Don’t Upload Anything and Everything: People who are new to the band and its music will have only one chance to impress them. So, it is essential to place everything made on the SoundCloud account. A SoundCloud upload is in the public domain and fans can certainly become the customers for actual releases and gigs. You can also buy SoundCloud plays and reviews to boost your popularity, and increase your visibility. Just the way, nobody wants to see a YouTube video with a few dozen views, and on the other hand, folks are always interested to check out a video that has already received over 100,000 views, SoundCloud plays and reviews are quite similar.
  1. Adding No Value Through Your Comments: Leaving precise and constructive feedback on music is supposed to add value and help artists make better music. It allows fans to praise what they like, and criticize what they don’t. So, whenever you drop any comments they must either add value to a conversation or express gratitude to fans – make it a point to personalize all your comments rather than dropping automated “thank you” replies!

These essential basics must be followed while using SoundCloud to achieve the expected results such as growing your fan base, and fuelling up user engagement levels.


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