The Celebrity Pair Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber Are Still Very Much Together

There have been rumours doing rounds for past sometime about the relationship status of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber with fans wondering if the couple is just taking some time or the relationship is already over.

These two started dating during 2010 and for the next five years, they had been on and off. Then, they finally reconnected late last year and again the news of them calling it quits started circulating.

Sources close to these two claim that though they are taking a break, they are still very much together. Like any other normal couple, they have their differences, which they are working out together.

Selena’s mom Mandy Teefey is said to be unhappy about her daughter’s reconciled relationship and the singer is trying to mend things with her mother. The source said, “It’s not easy for Selena to be stuck in the middle.Her family not liking him is the biggest issue — but if they can get through that or if her family changes their tune, things will be a lot smoother.

Selena is also struggling with health issues and she underwent a kidney transplant last year. Now she is concentrating on her health and “Justin isn’t walking all over her.” Since they got back together last year, they have taken trips together to Jamaica, Mexico, Laguna Beach, and Seattle.

The source was confident that they will get back together soon and this drift is temporary. They probably need some time away from each other to access things in their life and relationship and find ways to sort out the issues between them.

Surprising First look of Gwen Stefani at Starbucks Red Holiday Cup

Starbucks choose Gwen Stefani to uncover their 2017 red holiday cup. After all, she is the new queen of Christmas.

It is always a significant thrill when Starbucks uncovers their yearly red cup for the holidays. Some year’s designs have been met with happy cheers while others were unsuccessful to charm the people. Their 2017 glass pleased everyone as it was none other than 2017’s Christmas Queen Gwen Stefani, was revealing the new design of cup. It highlights two hands drawn in a black ink holding a large white heart where buyers can write the name of the person they love the most. In the singer’s case, she scribbled down “Blake” to pay tribute to her boyfriend, Blake Shelton. What could be more sentimental or romantic in the occasion than drinking coffee in the popular Starbucks red cup with the name of your love written on it?

The cup will be available in Starbucks shops worldwide on 28th November. But Gwen got this a day earlier. She also tweeted,“Surprise! So excited to give you the very first look at the new @starbucks red holiday cup, out tomorrow. Celebrate! Who fills your heart this holiday season? @BlakeShelton #youmakeitfeellikechristmas #givegood #starbucksambassador,” and with this tweet she attached her pic holding the cup and she also wrote Blake’s name in the heart.

She looked stunning as always with her blonde hair up in a high ponytail. She was wearing a festive transparent black blouse covered with stars.

Gwen totally owns Christmas of 2017. She put out her first-ever holiday album called “You Make It Feel Like Christmas,” performed “White Christmas” at the 91st Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on 23 November. She will be performing at the NBC Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting TV special and has her own one of a kind Christmas special that will air in December.

Presently she’s the official ambassador for the Starbucks red holiday cup.

American Actor Kevin Spacey’s Absence from Grace Tests Surprised the Hollywood Industry

Last month we all witnessed the American actor, Kevin Spacey singing and making a lot of fun at the CBS Television City lot in Los Angeles on the eve of the 50th anniversary of “The Carol Burnett Show”.

Spacey was spotted wearing a tuxedo and was accompanied with other stars like Burnett, Bernadette Peters and Kristin Chenoweth. They all sang together around a piano which was not less than a dream come true for people present over there.

He entertained the crowd to the fullest while Burnett too acted like an Oscar-winning guy and everyone’s favorite president in order to make people laugh.

Talking about Spacey’s track record, he is the one who has a lot of sexual allegations against his name and in many cases victims are minors.Big firms and production houses such as Netflix, CBS and Sony were looking for an opportunity to distance themselves from him.

A man who is the winner of two Academy Awards and a Tony Award along with nominations for 12 Emmys, just ruined his career because of his bad activities.

On Wednesday, Sony Pictures announced that Kevin Spacey was dropped from his role in the movie “All the Money in the World.” It was a shocking news for the entire film fraternity as well as for his fans.

The movie was supposed to hit the big screen on 22nd of December and was also scheduled to to close AFI Fest next week, but now everything has gone for a toss. One of the source also informed that Kevin had a chance to receive a supporting actor award, but all of a sudden this news erased his name from Hollywood.

Taylor Swift Spoke about Her Collaboration with Ed Sheeran and Rapper Future

Finally the wait is over. American singer cum songwriter Taylor Swift is all set to release her sixth studio album Reputation. The 15-song track list is done by Taylor, Ed Sheeran and famous rapper Future as a team. As all the super talented artists have worked for it there is no doubt that the album will break all records for sure.

Earlier to this, Swift and Sheeran have worked together for “Everything Has Changed” in the year 2012, which was for her Red album.

Good news is that out of the new album four songs have already been released which includes track 1- ‘Ready For It’, track 6- ‘Look What You Made Me Do’, track 8- ‘Gorgeous’ and track 14- ‘Call It What You Want’ respectively.

Taylor Swift took the help of social media in order to promote her album and she clearly mentioned the names of the Co-producers which includes Jack Antonoff, Max Martin, Shellback including her name.

The album ‘Reputation’ is a follow-up from 2014’s masterpiece 1989. On August 23rd Taylor announced her new album on social media and at the same time she revealed the name, title, release date on meme-worthy cover art too.

It was a pleasant surprise for her fans and just after announcement of the news, people were more than excited to listen to the music and the peppy numbers.

Here is the full track list,

1“…Ready For It?”
2. “End Game (featuring Ed Sheeran and Future)”
3. “I Did Something Bad”
4. “Don’t Blame Me”
5. “Delicate”
6. “Look What You Made Me Do”
7. “So It Goes…”
8. “Gorgeous”
9. “Getaway Car”
10. “King of My Heart”
11. “Dancing With Our Hands Tied”
12. “Dress”
13. “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things”
14. “Call It What You Want”
15. “New Year’s Day”

The album will be released on 10th of November, we hope that all people will enjoy to the fullest.


Michael Barrett and Anna Faris’ Romance Hurts Chris Pratt

Anna Faris has shocked her fans around the world. Recently, she confirmed that she is leaving ex Chris Pratt and moving on with her new boyfriend – cinematographer Michael Barrett. It seems that Chris Pratt got hurt by her move. They have a kid as well. It’s not clear how they are going to handle and settle things down.

Anna Faris, 40 sure didn’t take any time to move away from her husband of eight years – Chris Pratt, 38. The Mom star is now dating Overboard cinematographer Michael Barrett, 47, who worked with her last winter.

Now the Guardians of the Galaxy superstar, Chris Pratt is wondering if their romance started developing before they even announced their separation on Aug. 6.

“Chris is having a tough time trying to figure out the timing of Anna’s new relationship with Mike. It also gave a shock to the fans; they loved this cutest Hollywood couple so much. Chris knows Anna met him a while ago, but when they may have started hooking up, Chris doesn’t want to think about. It’s excruciating for him,” a source close to Chris told the media.

The last few months have been tough times in Chris’s life. Doesn’t he know what happened between them and why things fell apart? But they did. He is still very heartbroken. He wanted to be with Anna forever, and now that is not happening,” a source adds.

Anna moved on fast as TMZ reported on Oct. 18 that just a month after her separation from Chris, she was seen canoodling with Michael at Malibu’s famous Neptune’s Net roadside diner in September.

Anna and Michael had been seen on several dates at the same Pacific Palisades restaurant over the last couple of days. The couple was incredibly close with each other. They were highly incognito and kept a pretty low profile. Still, things are very uncertain and messy at this point. Nobody knows how Chris is going to handle the situation. But as we know, time flies sooner or later.

Oliver Stone has been accused of Groping a TV Actress

After the numerous sexual harassment cases against producer Harvey Weinstein, a number of women are bringing to light their stories of misconduct and harassment by high profile men of Hollywood.

Carrie Stevens, a model and actress who has starred in shows like Days of Our Lives, 90210 and Beverly Hills, responded on Thursday, to a story covered by Hollywood Reporter about Oliver Stone. She said that when she heard about the cases of Harvey, she suddenly recalled the time Oliver had walked past her and groped her on his way out of a party.

A press conference was held on Friday at Busan International Film Festival in South Korea. Oliver Stone is serving as a part of the competition’s jury at this festival. During the conference, Oliver declined to criticize Weinstein and said that he should not be condemned by a vigilante system. He also added that what Harvey is going through is not easy.

However later, Oliver went back on his words and said that he was unaware about the allegations that were made against Weinstein as he had a hectic travelling schedule.

Stone said that after he looked at the several publications reported by women in the last couple of days, he is appalled. He also encouraged the women to step forward and report any form of rape and sexual abuse. He also stated that he is going to abandon a TV series named Guantanamo which was co-produced by Weinstein.

Carrie Stevens who made this allegation against Oliver Stone has been seen in shows like Black Scorpio in addition to Days of our Lives and Beverly Hills. She has also made guest appearances in Two and a Half Men as well as Jake in Progress. She has also done small roles in movies like Rock Star, City of Dreams and Vegas.

Mary-Kate Olsen and Her Husband Olivier Sarkozy Were Spotted Together after a Long Time

Last Wednesday was a special day as Mary-Kate Olsen and her hubby Olivier Sarkozy made their appearance together at the “Take Home a Nude Art Party and Auction” which was held at New York’s Art Academy.

The couple is known for their rare appearance in public, but here at auction party they held hands and posed for photographs. They are together since November 2015, but it’s very rare to spot them together.

Sarkozy was dressed in a charcoal suit with a blue shirt, navy tie and he preferred black shoes for the occasion while on the other hand Olsen was found in a zip-up black coat with some embroidery work at the hemline. Her silver necklace was complimenting her look while her cream hook sneakers carried the style to the next level.

They were last spotted together at the grand prix finale of the Hampton Classic Horse Show which was held at Bridgehampton, New York during the month of September. Sarkozy’s horse Dunotaire V was a participant of amateur owner jumper classic under $10,000 category and stood in the third position making Sarkozy proud by winning $1,500.

Last Tuesday Olsen’s sister-in-law, Carla Bruni surprised her fans by giving a rare inside look of Olsen and Olivier’s life and that was just after the show “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.”

She also mentioned that she first met the happy couple at one of her cousin’s wedding and discovered that they are so happy with each other.

For those who don’t know Carla Bruni is an Italian-French singer and songwriter. She is the wife of Nicolas Sarkozy, president of France. In fact, Nicolas is Olivier’s half-brother. In the year 2015, Nicolas and Bruni were invited to the marriage ceremony of Olivier Sarkozy, but due to some reasons they could not attend it.

Justice League Official Trailer Release

Warner Bros has released the new Justice League trailer. In this League spot, Ben Affleck stars as Batman, Gal Gadot as wonder woman, and Henry Cavill as superman.

This new trailer reveals a new dialogue from Ben Affleck (Batman) to form Justice League and save the earth from Steppenwolf. It also shows a dialogue from Jeremy Irons as Alfred. Steppenwolf’s role is played by Ciaran Hinds.

Inspired by the selfless activity of superman, Bruce Wayne takes the help of Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) to fight the greater enemy in Justice League. Wonder Woman and Batman quickly work together to recruit a team of superhuman who would fight against the biggest enemy planning to destroy planet earth. But, by the time Batman and Wonder Woman form a team of superheroes (The Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg), it would be too late for them to stop the catastrophic proportions.

The movie is directed by Zack Synder, who directed the film Batman vs. Superman. And the screenplay is by Chris Terrio and Joss Whedon. This film is produced by Charles Roven, Jon Berg, Deborah Snyder, and Geoff Johns.

Justice League is expected to hit the theaters on November 17, 2017.

Hollywood’s Mysterious Marriage: Harvey Weinstein & Georgina Chapman

American film producer, Harvey Weinstein is a well-known celebrity and a successful filmmaker of all time.

He would never cast himself in the romantic lead, but ten years ago from today’s date, Mr. Harvey did something very special. Yes, we are talking about Harvey and his secret love affair with the very beautiful British fashion designer, Georgina Chapman.

As usual it was Harvey the man who proposed Georgina and rest everything was history. Just after a month of the proposal, the news became popular and everyone wanted to see the wedding soon. But now it seems like this relationship is just a fling after all.

This Thursday in a statement, Weinstein informed that he is working hard to maintain his reputation for the past ten years and any sort of false information about him is going to cause a lot of pain.

The attorney for the co-founder of The Weinstein Company informed that they are going to sue a case against The New York Times for harassing his client. At the same time the case will be issued at women’s organizations for publishing false and defamatory statements.

On the other hand, the so called famed producer has around eight sexually harassment case against his name. In fact, Ashley Judd is one of the women who has charged him for sexually harassing her. She used to date Harvey 20 years ago.

In his statement on Thursday, Harvey said that he is trying to be a better person and doing his level best to interact with people in a polite way. He also said that he is sorry for his rude behavior in the past and he sincerely apologizes for his deeds.

He also said that he will be taking a break from his daily routine and will work on himself.

Lisa Bloom, attorney and women’s rights advocate, has put Harvey Weinstein with a group of people in order to improve his behavior.